Well, hello there. It, the tidal like sounds of far off beaches came crashing. Uncountable pages flipping, exasperating sagging ears with grey hairs that bent under the wind's pull, all the while watching the child of about four, count to three as she timed the incoming wave. Boom! And the horizon flipped and went spinning all laws snapped under irrationality and everything became dreams that segwayed into nightmares and fantasies, all falling under a fictitious world of unconscious plunder that Freud prophezied would pull us unsunder. 

Those tempted to shut their eyes, only found another dream. A dream quite like their old reality, where all-pretending phenomenons disguise themselves as sensical to animal senses. Where holy lights and straight lines that turned crosswise and burned is a spiritual feeling. But, open eyed worms to unconscious rubber objects that have the might to relinquish their psychokinetic powers for the betterment of disorder, or orderly randomness. Now, without any reality to speak, or lie of truth, or deceive one with proof everything fell into multi-dimensional continuums of space, time, that increasingly became logically impossible for brains to comprehend and so they burst. So the onlookers set fire to the worst of these flying papers while waves crashed among jagged skyscrapers in the distance and right there as everything combined into one and all. No point in telling you of this or that, or of right and wrong, it is dreams and chapters were words such as these belong. Thank you.