Three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight just a few more digits nine seven nine three two three eight just a few more they say four six two six four three three eight we need a few more three two seven nine five zero two eight then we can eight then we can four one nine seven one six nine three nine nine three seven five one zero five eight we can build it two zero nine seven four nine four four five nine two three zero seven eight then it'll be exact enough to build it one six four zero six two eight we know we can build it six two zero eight we just need a few more digits nine nine eight we have to be exact six two eight it will be big so we need to be exact zero three four eight so here I am calculating digits two five three four two one one seven zero six seven nine eight i have to be exact two one four eight they need to build it zero eight why do they need to build it six five one three two eight a tourist attraction two three zero six six four seven zero nine three eight it will make money four four six zero nine five five zero five eight people will go there two two three one seven two five three five nine four zero eight we will give you money one two eight i don't want money four seven five six four eight i don't want this two three three six zero six three one five five eight it's not real eight shouldn't be real one seven four eight a few more they say eight just a few more one five two zero nine two zero nine six two eight fiction should be fiction two nine two five four zero nine one seven one five three six four three six seven eight it will make money they say nine two five nine zero three six zero zero one one three three zero five three zero five four eight just a disk that will make us money eight nothing wrong with that they say two zero four six six five two one three eight just a few more and we'll make it four one four six nine five one nine four one five one one six zero nine four three three zero five seven two seven zero three six five seven five nine five nine one nine five three zero nine two one eight but they shouldn't make it six one one seven three eight it's popular they say one nine three two six one one seven nine three one zero five one one eight he made it popular five four eight it was around but he made it popular zero seven four four six two three seven nine nine six two seven four nine five six seven three five one eight curse you terry pratchett eight

There was some point to this chapter, but then it took an arrow to the knee.

Is it possible that the meaninglessness of this project has made it tiresome?